Pete and Diane's new house
December 2001

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Latest update: 22. December, 2001

December Photos-- mostly finishing work and moving in being done, and I have not been helping very much anymore, just one or two days per week. So, there I don't take a lot of pics. But here are some. The biggest excitement was Rusty mysteriously tearing her shoulder open requiring a boatload of stiches.
IMAGES/_IMG_0495w.jpg, 3.5K
IMAGES/_IMG_0496w.jpg, 2.2K
IMAGES/_IMG_0570w.jpg, 3.1K
IMAGES/_IMG_0576w.jpg, 3.2K
IMAGES/_IMG_0682w.jpg, 2.8K
IMAGES/_IMG_0683w.jpg, 3.7K
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IMAGES/_IMG_0686w.jpg, 4.1K
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