After a very long weekend of framing, Diane and Peter sit and take a break. We began on Saturday morning at 6:00 am when the framing crew arrived from Pine City and Mound Minnesota. Jeff from Pine City brought a crew of 8 and Pat from Mound brought a crew of 4. Pine City crew worked on the house framing, while Mound worked on the Garage framing Layout 2X6 exterior and 2X4 interior walls, build window and door headers, assemble and erect the walls. Insulate all exterior framing cavities, secure and brace. Garage framing 2X4X10',. Main floor framing completed on Saturday. Sunday start at 6:00 am final prep for truss placement, trusses arrive 9:00 am, work begins matching, raising and placement of trusses with the Telescopic Handeler to the structure. All trusses installed with 6" ring shank barn nailed to the structural supports and braced per spec, 3/4 roof sheeting installed using 1/2 inch OSB with clips. Framing mostly completed Sunday PM. A weekend to remember.


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